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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we help you? You will find answers to frequently asked questions here. Is the answer to your question not included? Then contact us.

How does investing work with Good Shepherd?

When making investments on the Investment portal, you will be investing in individual game projects alongside us, the publisher, under the same investment terms. You are investing through a Royalty Purchase Agreement with further revenue participation rights after full recovery of invested capital. The revenue participation right is in place for a term of 5 years post release date.

  • First Priority: Investors in Good Shepherd games enjoy a Preferred Return.
  • Second Priority: After the Preferred Return is satisfied, the proportional revenues between investors, publisher and developer are paid out periodically.
How does Good Shepherd pick its games?

We partner with the promising indie developers to create and publish viable video game that we believe in and we know gamers will want to play. Our track record features best-selling, award-winning games. We take it a step further and personally invest in our games alongside you because we feel confident in our projects.

How do I make an investment?

Project investing requires three simple steps:

  • Pick a game project and select the amount you would like to invest
  • Follow instructions for providing information required for the investment contract - Royalty Purchase Agreement (RPA)
  • Confirm receipt of the investment invoice and a copy of your fully executed contract (RPA)
  • Wire funds to Good Shepherd
How is my investment used?

Typically invested funds will be used for Development/Production, Testing/QA, Language Localization, PR Marketing activities.

Projects requiring development funds are advanced to the Game Studio upon approval of Milestones by Good Shepherd Producers. Milestone approval generally means the developer is reasonably on schedule and delivering the various assets of the game as agreed to and to our Producers' satisfaction.

What are the general risk factors?

Game investing as with all investing involves certain risks. Not all game projects make it to a releasable state due to issues with quality, game play, or fun factor. Good Shepherd has an exceptional track record of managing project risk providing each project with the opportunity for commercial viability.

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