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About the Game

Diluvion is a deep sea exploration and submarine combat game. The world of Diluvion is an unforgiving place. Forced into the ocean by the Great Flood and now trapped under an impenetrable layer of ice, humanity hangs by a tenuous thread.

In the uncounted centuries since the flood, humanity has been driven into the oceans as a layer of ice freezes over the world. Now, trapped in the oceans, civilizations rise and new kingdoms form. By a twist of fate, you, an aspiring submarine captain, have been given the honor of commanding your first sub. With a brave crew at your command, you now venture into the unknown. Explore the depths, and discover the stories they have to tell.

Diluvion contains a mix of 2D and 3D elements. While exploring in your sub, you’ll view the open world around you in 3D. When visiting towns and interacting with your crew, a cross-section view reveals intricately painted 2D interiors.

About the Developer


  • A Beautiful Underwater World to Explore:: Three massive and beautifully realized open seazones to explore, each with their own factions, local stories and more.
  • Innovative Combination of 2D & 3D Graphics:: Experience the mysteries of the deep in beautifully rendered 3D graphics as you navigate your submarine, and seamlessly switch to meticulously hand-painted 2D graphics when exploring towns and cities.
  • Thrilling Real-Time Submarine Combat:: Utilize an arsenal of underwater weapons to engage in life-or-death firefights with other submarines and deadly terrifying creatures.
  • Crew Recruitment: : Assemble your own unique crew to fight alongside you by recruiting different Helmsmen, Gunners and Sonar Technicians. Utilize each of their special skills and personalities to change the flow of combat and exploration.
  • Upgradable Submarines: : Continuously improve your vessel by acquiring new weapons that can dramatically change the tide of battle, and gain access to new areas by increasing its dive depth by collecting hull armour plates.
  • 9 Pilotable Submarines: : Explore the world to uncover 9 unique pilotable submarines, each with their own feel, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Resource Management:: This world is not for the faint of heart, as resources are limited and survival is a constant battle. You’ll have to actively manage your food supplies and oxygen levels should you wish to keep your crew alive and overcome the perils of the sea.
  • Upgradeable Home Base: : Build- and grow your own base of operations under the sea to house all your stand-by crew members and submarines. Upgrade your base to increase your notoriety and wealth, as upgraded bases can also house valuable opportunities, such as rare item merchants and bars with notorious sailors as patrons.
  • Loot System: : The world is filled with rare loot and hidden quests to discover.... Especially for those who dare to venture off the beaten path.
  • Terrifying Underwater Foes: : Explore the world and test your bravery against giant sea creatures and mysteries undersea anomalies!

Critical Response

Diluvion is one great sea adventure like you've never seen.

Diluvion is an absurdly ambitious #indiegame that’s a joy to dive into and simply explore.

Diluvion is like Dark Souls but underwater.

Beautiful Steampunk Ocean Exploration Adventure