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About the Game

Zombie Night Terror is a lemmings-like game teeming with hordes of zombies craving for fresh meat. The aim of the game is to lead a brainless army through various environments in order to annihilate all humans. The game features a unique black & white pixel art style, an original take on the zombie game genre and a healthy dose of humour.

Zombie Night Terror is set in a world plunged into darkness and where the dead has risen from the grave. The player has to lead hordes of undead in order to wreak havoc among human survivors. The game features a unique black & white pixel art style where the only color comes from spays of blood and limbs. Multiple mutations are useable to overcome the various situations the player will encounter. It is even possible to combine some of them.There are various environments full of deadly traps protecting the zombie’s favorite meal: Humans!An in-game level editor allows anyone to create custom levels and share them with the community.

About the Developer


  • Command a Zombie Horde: : You are the brain, they are the muscles. Your zombie horde will obey your commands without any strike risk or complaints … On the downside; you can’t have any heated conversations about late night movies or cool books anymore tough!
  • Unique Mutation System: : Having an army of deadly zombies is awesome. Having an army of mutated zombies is way better! Take advantage of our mutation system to overcome the enemy’s defences, by creating powerful new zombie types. Each has their unique power and abilities that can help you overcome different situations.
  • Combo System:: Because you thought mutations were your only way to facilitate your meat feast, we spiced it up allowing you to combine those and see what your enemies are made of (literally). Let’s show those pesky humans how to have fun!
  • You are not alone:: Having zombies is kind of like having a pet; it’s fun but you need to take care of them… That’s what humans are for, as they are the perfect way to keep your zombies well fed and busy. But beware! Humans are well armed and they do not appreciate the toothy company of the undead.
  • Contaminate:: Don’t have enough company? Do you need a bigger horde? Well, just convert Humans to your cause then! You don’t necessary need to bring flowers and be charming, as a single bite right into the neck (or anywhere that pleases you) should be enough to do the trick!
  • Destructible Environments:: In times of a zombie apocalypse, humans love to take their time playing hide and seek. However when the hunger for tasty flesh is this painful, you don’t have time for such childishness. So use the power or your horde to destroy their playground and spread terror among them… PEEKABOOM!

Critical Response

“So, yes, Zombie Night Terror is a zombie game, but it’s not a rehash of old tropes–it’s fresh meat.”

“Zombie Night Terror’s bendy pixel zombies are animated so charmingly, gosh, you’ll be glad to see the undead again.”

"This could be a new addiction"

"Creates horror scenarios unlike any other in zombie games"