Investing in video games

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How It Works

We want our investors to feel confident in their investment and be rewarded with a good return, so that when a project is complete, they are eager to invest all over again.

They'll be investing in game projects alongside Good Shepherd with the same terms as we have. They'll gain access to their own Investor Dashboard which shows any past + current game investments & how they are doing.

For qualified investors

At this time, we are only accepting investments from accredited (US) investors, private investors from the Netherlands, Poland, and China and those who qualify as sophisticated (UK) investors or eligible investor (EU/Can) in their country of legal residence.

The rules and thresholds are different for each country or territory, and are also still evolving as this exciting new frontier in individual investing continues to develop.

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Track Record

Our team of experienced developers, publishers and investors have developed a methodical, strategic approach to independent game development and publishing that produces a great product and in turn, results in a smart investment.

We start by partnering with the most promising developers and helping them consider every aspect of their budget, from production through release and beyond. Then we offer our investors opportunities to be part of a successful project return.

Our results speak for themselves. We have successfully published seventeen titles so far, of those seventeen, twelve have become profitable within the first months of release. One of our games became the global number one selling game on Steam! Others became staff picks at Apple, appeared as featured games and land on top ten seller lists.

Successes like these have resulted in a select, happy and eager network of investors. We are continuing to grow this network and scale our business responsibly & methodically, as we have since 2013.

We guarantee full funding of every project with our own money, but offer investors the chance to share in the financial success of our games.

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