GameReactor — January 07, 2019

2019 Preview: Indie Wishlist

We take a look at another batch of promising indie titles, this time games with indie label backing.

Elsewhere on Gamereactor you'll find our wishlist of indies that are set to land (hopefully) sometime in 2019, and the ones in that feature are completely independent games. These are too, but they're being published by the growing community of indie labels and publishers that specialise in identifying the cream of the crop, helping creators finish their titles and, perhaps most importantly, telling the world about their games (something that independent developers aren't always the best at). And so, without further ado, here's our second indie-themed preview.

Black Future '88: No other game in 2019 captures the exaggerated '80s look better than this. With its fast-paced run and gun gameplay surrounded fog machines, laser beams, and a synth-punk aesthetic, nothing else is likely to get our bionic-hearts beating quite as fast this year.

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