PC PowerPlay — November 09, 2017

A recent indie event with Good Shepherd Entertainment showcases a range of quality indie titles like Phantom Doctrine

by Nathan Lawrence

"I’ve finally shunned my old attitudes and have started getting into turn-based games lately. I particularly enjoyed Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on Switch, and I’ve used that enjoyment as motivation to start playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. From the half-hour guided walkthrough I saw of Phantom Doctrine, it looks like I’ll be sinking some hours into this one, too. 

This alt-history Cold War game makes some interesting changes to the usual turn-based formula. For starters, you have three movement options that can be used before or after a single attack move. There’s also a neat breaching mechanic that plays out for multiple characters in the same move, and you can place off-map assets like a sniper or spotter to open up additional options. I particularly like how weapon accuracy is one of two numbers (which you can see before taking a shot), and isn’t dictated by a dice roll, the logic being that specialists aren’t trained in missing point-blank shots. That’s just the in-map stuff, too. There’s a wealth of content happening at home base or on the meta map, with the promise of a 30-hour or more campaign."

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