Nitchigamer — May 15, 2018

Black Future '88 an Indie classic

by Jack Boyles

The 1980’s have come full circle again: the rise of vinyl records; the now 80’s dream-turned reality VR headsets; synth-pop labelled as Dream pop; the release of Ready Player One, and last but not least, the threat of another cold war; you know, fond moments.

Hello Black Future ‘88

Set in the sci-fi version of the 80’s we all know from our imaginations and pop-culture references – neon lights, fog thicker than a smoking area at an airport, and one where everyone wants to kill you…

Anyway, you climb a procedurally generated tower that changes, influenced not just by your actions, but other players. The knack is you’ve only got 18 minutes to do so before your character’s heart explodes, starting you from the very beginning.

You’ll be playing through 6 dystopian zones with an arsenal of over 50 weapons in the side-scrolling platformer that has taken a strong influence from bullet hells. You can play with a friend in a co-op mode too.

Black future looks like a great game just to blast on for a couple of minutes – when you have, you know, just those few minutes spare.

But it’s frantic style of gameplay also may make you think: ‘Just one more try’. Before you know it, two hours have gone by and your cat is staring at you with that glare of: ‘Make me food, you lazy humanoid’.

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