IGN — March 15, 2018

Black Future '88 announced for 2018 release


We've somehow survived as a species long past last century's science fiction expectations, but Black Future '88

 takes the 20th-century idea of a 20th-century apocalypse and takes us back to the future.

The stylish, retro-futuristic world of Black Future '88 pits you against an "always evolving procedural tower," as you battle your way to its top to defeat its "insane owner" Duncan, the person behind the nuclear armageddon shaping the world of Black Future '88.

Since the collapse of society, no one keeps time, stopping all calendars at 1988 when the cataclysm occurred. Instead, time is measured "in minutes left to live."

Black Future '88 has 5 different zones to battle through on your way to the final showdown, as well as 5 playable characters with "unique buffs and weaknesses."

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