pixeljudge.com — October 03, 2017

CreativeForge just might have struck creative gold with Phantom Doctrine.

by Kyle Johnson


As I said before, the first glimpse of Phantom Doctrine makes it seem like nothing more than an XCOM clone. There’s the half-cover/full-cover symbols near walls, the isometric viewpoint, different roles for different team members, and yet, it all seems very new. The team at CreativeForge is aiming for a sense of realism found in John Le Carre’s works, rather than the “super spy” found in Ian Fleming’s. Firing a gun at someone usually means a kill, if not a serious wound, there’s coordinated breach actions, extensive use of stealth, and entirely expendable team members.

All this sets the stage for an intense spy thriller. After leaving your post as a KGB or CIA agent during the height of the Cold War, you join the Cabal, a multinational organization aimed at taking down whomever has been manipulating the world for their own means. There’s a sense of shrouded mystery surrounding the plot, and CreativeForge didn’t give up many details around who exactly you’d be up against, just that they’d be better armed, have more intelligence, and flush with cash.

The demo shown off at PAX West involves a team of three Cabal operatives sneaking into a compound in an attempt to steal the “Ivory Coast” files, named after a real US Intelligence operation during the Vietnam war. Along the way, the squad is tasked with disabling alarms, cameras, laser grids, and, after eventually drawing the attention of the organization, booking it after some helicopters come looking for a fight.

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