Hardcore Gamer — August 18, 2017

Gambitious Reemerges as Good Shepherd, Picks Up Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

by Kyle LeClair

Along with a focus on helping to improve production values and marketing on indie games, the team will now include executives from Devolver Digital, Sony, South by Southwest and Wargaming.net, with Devolver co-founder Mike Wilson as the CCO, previous management consultant Brian Grigsby as the new CEO, and Gambitious founder Paul Hanraets serving as president.

But aside from previous Gambitious titles in development such as MachiaVillain, Milanoir, and Outreach now being published under the Good Shepherd label, the new crew wasted no time in picking up a high-profile indie game to add to their stable, with their first original signing being Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge’s upcoming narrative adventure game Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. Hot off of winning several “Best of” nominations at E3 this year (along with loads of similar awards and praise from other events), the game sees you journeying across America and swapping stories in encounters inspired by folk tales and folk music, with a blend of 3D graphics and gorgeous 2D animations, all of which you can get a feel for in the new story trailer that you can also see below. Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is due out in 2018 for PC, and looks like a very promising start for Good Shepherd.

Of course, then there’s the second game they signed, described as being their most ambitious project yet…but we’ll have to wait for Gamescom and PAX West for official announcements concerning it, so stay tuned.

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