GamesIndustry International — August 16, 2017

Gambitious relaunches as Good Shepherd Entertainment to help indies

by James Brightman

"Isolation, depression "running rampant" among indies"

Mike Wilson on the state of indie development as he relaunches Gambitious as Good Shepherd Entertainment

Devolver co-founder Mike Wilson is on a mission to help indie developers put their best foot forward.

For the last five-plus years since Devolver shifted its focus to the indie scene, the company has looked at ways to help talented indies bring their games to market. One of those ways was to launch majority-owned Gambitious in 2011, a publishing platform dedicated to raising money for indies through investment and crowdfunding. Today, Wilson has revealed that Gambitious is rebranding as Good Shepherd Entertainment, and the publisher has also raised further capital while bringing on new executives.

Wilson will now be spending most of his work days as chief creative officer of Good Shepherd, while Brian Grigsby, another Devolver co-founder who's been serving as a management consultant, is now Good Shepherd's CEO. Gambitious president Paul Hanraets will serve as president and Ben Andac joins Good Shepherd as a business and product developer after years in product development at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

While the exact amount of money raised has not been specified, representatives tell us that it's "by far the most in the history of the company." Ultimately, similar to Gambitious, Good Shepherd has a mission to bring new capital into indie games while "treating those new investors like heroes for trusting indie artists with their money instead of putting it into a mutual fund or an oil well."

If you're wondering how Good Shepherd will be different for indies than Devolver itself, Wilson explains to, "[Good Shepherd] is borrowing from Devolver's core philosophies as to how we treat and work with artists, but it is also different in that it is being carefully built to be able to scale, whereas Devolver is committed to staying smaller and laser-focused on what it is inarguably the industry's best at."

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