September 05, 2017

Good games make good investments at Good Shepherd

by Devin Coldewey

Game development is a risky business — in the literal sense, that is. Hoping a title becomes a million-seller and justifies its staff and years of gestation often leads to the ruin of game studios and publishers. And that’s if the game ever even releases. But Good Shepherd has found that careful curation, help with pain points like localization, and other avenues of stewardship can make games as reliable an investment as a mutual fund, but considerably more profitable.

The company, founded in 2011 as Gambitious but eventually (and I’d say wisely) rebranding under the current name, basically finds promising games and makes sure they get the best chance at success possible. And it works: they’ve helped usher 15 games into the world, 12 of which have been out for at least a year and 9 of which are already profitable. The portfolio as a whole is turning a 30 percent profit.

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