PC Games Insider — January 02, 2018

Good Shepherd business and production developer heads to PCC London conference

by Alex Calvin

PC Connects London 2018: Meet the Speakers - Ben Andac, Good Shepherd

PC Connects London 2018: Meet the Speakers - Ben Andac, Good Shepherd

Ahead of PC Connects London on January 22nd and 23rd, we have been speaking to some of the wonderful speakers who are going to be sharingtheir insight at the show.

Today, we sit down with Ben Andac of indie publisher Good Shepherd.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

Sure, my name's Ben and I'm a business/product development person; I've worked in the games industry for around 15 years - in development initially before moving into publishing and then biz dev at PlayStation. After a pretty long run in big companies I decided to go independent and start my own consultancy early in 2017 so I now work directly with devs to help them develop their pitches and get investment, and I'm also a part of the Good Shepherd squad - leading their portfolio strategy and checking out pitches every day.

What are you going to be talking about at PC Connects London 2018?

I'll be holding a pretty informal session where I'll be opening the floor up to developers in the audience to ask any questions they have about the pitching process and how to go about preparing material, approaching investors, publishers and so on, and generally covering what good practices to follow when trying to get your game to market successfully.

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