October 31, 2018

Halloween Sale 2018 Spook-tacular

by Team Good Shepherd

The Steam Halloween Sale is live, slashing prices up to 90%, scaring our accountants, & offering a treat to all. Don't worry, the deals aren’t limited to horror titles but there are plenty of Halloween-themed surprises in store....literally.

The sale runs from October 29th - Nov 1st, so grab these games before they ghost. Here are some highlights:

Phantom Doctrine 25% Off - New DLC and Halloween themed digital goodies available.

MachiaVillain 30% Off - When adorable monsters strike.

Diluvion Resubmerged 80% Off - A grisly death in the deep awaits those without game.

Transport Fever 50% off - When commuting is your biggest fear...

See more in our sale list HERE

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