— December 11, 2017

Hands-on: Phantom Doctrine’s battlefield goes off the grid


When we sat down to play through Phantom Doctrine's three modes with Blazej Krakowiak, he explained CreativeForge's emphasis on letting players take what they want from the game. The meat of Phantom Doctrineis, of course, its turn-based tactical action. However, there's also a puzzle segment in the investigation board, where players connect piles of evidence using recurring keywords and themes (with red string and all) and a base-building/management component. In its natural build, these three modes are all intertwined and come into play as the game progresses. However, as Blazej explained, CreativeForge isn't going to foist all three modes on the player if they're not interested in every section. Came for the turn-based tactics? No problem, you can ignore the investigation board and base building and dive straight into the game's complex and incredibly satisfying core mode. Maybe you're into base-management sims? Go crazy moving your elite team of spies across the globe, subjecting enemy soldiers to some horrid torture or transforming them into a Manchurian candidate before embedding them back in the enemy's ranks.

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