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‘Machiavillain’ Review: It’s Good to Be Bad

by Mitch Stewart

Sometimes, you just want to be your own boss. We all have that dream: hire your own employees, tell them what to do, have them build a mansion to lure victims into using a series of letter writing campaigns for the express purpose of dismembering them for sustenance… No? Just me?

MachiaVillain is a horror mansion management game from Wild Factor that places you in the shoes of a minion who’s fed up with their lot in life. They hate working for the boss, getting paid poorly and working in bad conditions. They apply to be their own boss and soon get approved for their own land on which to build their own spooky mansion. This is where you take over.

Humble Beginnings

MachiaVillain begins with your hiring of three minions. You can choose from a host of different creatures, such as zombies, skeletons, psychos, etc. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, like faster movement or a smaller appetite. Each individual creature also comes with their own set of skills. Some might be be better at writing letters than they are at building, whereas others might be better at chopping trees than they are at cooking. More creature types become available as you advance further into the game.

Your first task is to build a home office and put a writing desk in it, upon which you will write the letters that bring the victims in. The more letters you write in each ‘Ad Campaign’, the better victims you get. To get things going, you assign your minions jobs, such as building, cutting trees, chipping stone, cleaning, cooking, writing, etc. They’ll perform these jobs until they’re done or until you tell them to stop. This can be a little annoying if you’re waiting for victims, as you’ll have to keep hiding your minions until everything is in place.

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