— December 29, 2017

Milanoir's Advance: Live and die in Milan covered by Eurogamer

by Jaime San Simón

On Thursday of last week we were in Milan to try Milanoir, the first Italo Games game. After a few hours playing, it is surprising to know that it is a studio formed by only two people (Emmanuele Tornusciolo and Gabriele Arnaboldi) with the support of a freelance artist (Giuseppe Longo).

Milanoir is a twin stick shooter inspired by the Italian cinema of the seventies, films starring street gangs (nothing to do with the Sicilian Mafia) in which the violence that was lived in some cities of the country was represented. They were movies full of car chases, cold-blooded murders, betrayals, mustaches and aviator glasses.

Two films in particular have inspired their creators: Milano, Calibro 9 (1972) and Milano hates: the polizia non può sparare (1974). It is enough to see a trailer of the films to identify in the game the locations and the image filters, and each of the chapters in which the story is divided picks up or parody one of these films, most of them with their title in English. When asked about tapes that help us get closer to this genre, Emmanuele is clear: the first works of Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction) drink a lot of this cinema, but also mention Living and Dying in Los Angeles.


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