— October 16, 2017

New investment vehicle a good shepherd for indie game producers

by Tony Zerucha

Much has to happen behind the scenes in order for a video game to hit the market. Luckily for indie game producers, they have a Good Shepherd.

Formerly known as Gambitious, Good Shepherd Entertainment provides independent game producers with the help they need to get from concept to reality, CEO/CFO Brian Grigsby said. The idea grew out of the crowdfunding efforts of some of the early platforms where many game producers found success.

CEO/CFO Brian Grigsby

While crowdfunding sometimes solved the issue of funding for game producers, it didn’t address the other ones that they often struggle with, Mr. Grigsby said. Good Shepherd Entertainment does and that is what makes them different.

It begins with an experienced global team that knows talent and is plugged in. Good Shepherd’s green light team consists of four full-time and two part-time people who identify and work with promising producers.

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