Engadget — September 25, 2017

One Gamer Fund heard you liked video-game charities

by Jessica Conditt


Most of the money Siegel expects to raise this weekend will come from the Good Shepherd Steam sale, which features serious discounts on the publisher's library of indie games, including RunGunJumpGunOh...Sir!! The Hollywood RoastHard West and Train Fever. Siegel says Good Shepherd has been an incredible asset as One Gamer Fund has come together. Good Shepherd's chief creative officer, Devolver Digital co-founder Mike Wilson, even helped make the entire Steam collaboration happen -- front-page placement and all.

One Gamer Fund was initially going to partner with another distribution service, but last month, that deal suddenly fell through. Siegel discovered they didn't have a home for the Good Shepherd sale via an email, just before boarding a flight to PAX West.

"I'm about to get on a plane for six hours -- I'm going to Seattle for PAX -- and I'm freaking out, I'm emailing Mike," Siegel recalls. "And then I get on the plane, I get off the plane, I check my phone immediately, and Mike has already reached out to Steam, communicated with them, sold them on the idea and got it going in that area."

That's how Good Shepherd rolls, Siegel says: "We're getting much more out of this than they are. So it's really showing to me that Good Shepherd really cares and is willing to put their donated money where their mouth is."

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