— April 25, 2018

Phantom Doctrine : A look from PAX East

by Michael Prince

Something about the game Phantom Doctrine really inspired me to imagine myself as a secret agent, one who has to look over his shoulder and plan every step and encounter.  The game is set in 1983 during the Cold War, and is an alternate history thriller in which players lead a secret organization dedicated to fighting a global conspiracy.  Throughout secret missions, classified files investigations and enemy agent interrogations, layers and layers of a sinister plot are revealed in an attempt to save the world from a somber future.

In speaking to the developer and while trying the game myself I was stunned by the options and complexity offered in Phantom Doctrine.  I was leading a newly formed agency of outcasts and defectors while trying to stop enemy actions and movements.  This involved responding to threats as they appear on the world map (some of which are false positives), sending out investigation teams to learn more about the enemy, and deciphering clues via classified files.  All of this happens in a series of slick views and menus that really made me feel like the head of an agency.

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