— July 12, 2018

Phantom Doctrine: Bigger, Better, and More Tactical

by Kacper Szymczak

Phantom Doctrine: Bigger, Better, and More Tactical

Kacper SzymczakJuly 10, 2018 News No Comments

When the team at CreativeForge started outlining the scope and goals for our next game, we didn’t have to start with a blank slate. Our tactical western Hard West was met with a warm reception from fans, even though it was definitely an independent game. We kept improving it with periodic patches for two years, but there’s only so much that can be added to a charming, yet small, title.

The untapped potential of the turn-based tactical games has always been a big draw for the team. While we love and respect the venerable franchise about angry E.T.s, we believe there are many settings and stories which can fit the genre. Enter Phantom Doctrine: a game of tactics, strategy, and espionage in the 1980s Cold War years. It’s an exciting spy thriller with a global conspiracy at its core.

One of the goals the team set for itself was to offer players as much choice as possible while keeping gameplay exciting and challenging. That means a lot of freedom in choosing how you tackle the hostile world of the Cold War espionage: you can focus on maximizing your team’s chances with research, new weapons, informants and highly skilled agents, embarking on missions only when fully locked and loaded. Or you can just charge in, grabbing enemy operatives, dismantling outposts and capturing weapons, leaving running your base to agents.

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