Player.One — November 21, 2017

Phantom Doctrine Devs Outline Risks And Rewards Of Combat

by Scott Craft

Player.One spoke to Phantom Doctrine Narrative Designer Pawel Kroenke and CreativeForge Games Head of Business & Marketing Blazej Krakowiak about everything from the game’s setting to its research and investigation mechanics (more on those soon). But the minutes spent discussing Phantom Doctrine’s reinforcement systems, and the reasons one might want to alert conspiracy forces, were some of the most fascinating moments of the chat.

Admittedly, reinforcements don’t sound very interesting at first. Tactical strategy games typically use backup to increase the difficulty of certain missions or nonverbally communicate that the current goal is survival (instead of battlefield dominance). But Phantom Doctrine is all about espionage and the goal (generally speaking) is to finish missions without raising any alarms. Unfortunately, even the best plans don’t always work out in our favor.

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