Destructiod — July 24, 2018

Semblance releases for Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac

by Rich Meister

A 'real' platformer

The traditional 2D platformer genre accounts for some of my favorite games ever. That being said, it's always awesome to see a game try and change the genre in new and exciting ways. Semblance does just that, in a way I'm surprised I haven't seen before. 

Semblance takes place in a fully malleable world. You can shape everything in order to suit the needs of whatever situation you find yourself in. You can reshape platforms to reach objectives or even alter your own squishy body.

Semblance (PC [reviewed], Mac, Nintendo Switch) Developer: Nyamakop Publisher: Good Shepherd Entertainment Released: July 24, 2018  MSRP: $9.99

Semblance does a good job of setting up its minimalist story without any dialogue. You play as a playdough-like blob in a world of similar materials and creatures. Your goal is simple. Your world is being overtaken by some crystalline creatures that look suspiciously similar to you. In order to drive out this non-malleable menace, you'll need to gather glowing red orbs from all the areas in the world and purify the trees that have become infected with the aforementioned crystals.

Reaching these orbs is easier said than done. You'll need to solve puzzles to reach them. You can get underneath platforms and bash them with your head to shape them into inclines, or bend them to redirect or block hazards like deadly laser beams. Thankfully wiping just brings you back a screen and doesn't undo any of the changes you've made to the environment. Likewise, you can change the world back to its original state with one button press if you need a hard reset. 

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