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Tips to Win the Cold War in Phantom Doctrine from Playstation.Net

by Richard Duflo

Tips to Win the Cold War in Phantom Doctrine

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Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s tip guide for Phantom Doctrine. This turn-based strategy game takes place in a Cold War like setting in an alternate reality. There are a few things that will help get you through the game, but the biggest thing to keep in mind is stealth. When you aren’t detected, you’ll be in infiltrator mode. The game is much easier and more manageable while in infiltrator mode. If you’re spotted, things will get very difficult. Until you get the hang of things, take the game slow and play deliberately. If you need a little more information on the game, check out our Phantom Doctrine review.

Play it Smart

  • Before making any moves, select an enemy to reveal their path. This will help you as you plan out your next steps.
  • Try to save as much money as you can. When your Danger meter gets too high, you’ll have to move your hideout, which can be very expensive.
  • Get a Forger as soon as you can. This will increase how much money you earn. You can use the Workshop to increase how many forgers you have and how much money they make.
  • Before starting a mission, always use the Recon ability to gain more options during missions. The more options you have, the easier the missions can be for you.
  • Make use of smoke grenades. Throwing one will shield you from the enemy and you won’t take any damage. Smoke grenades are especially helpful during extractions.

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