internet — January 24, 2018

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine acclaimed as a game to watch in 2018

by Good Shepherd Entertainment

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine appears on multiple lists as a hot game to watch for 2018.

Destructoid says "The art style of Where the Water Tastes like Wine is brilliant -- 3D in the overworld and 2D otherwise. I love the "surviving manifest destiny" line (again, history teacher here) and the general vibe that I get from exploring the game's media. It's hard to say anything of what to expect here, but it's bound to be memorable."

Gameinformer says "every time we’ve played Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, we’ve been impressed by the beautiful, tarot card-style art and its ambitions."

Many more review and press outlets are excited for the game including TheSixthAxis which states "What really stands out with Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a gorgeous art style and a form that might be more akin to visual novel, albeit in a more interactive form."

Look for more news from this exciting game in 2018.

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