The Washington Post — March 12, 2018

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine’ is a giant leap forward for video game storytelling

by Harold Goldberg

(Courtesy of Good Shepard Entertainment)

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine
Developed by: Dim Bulb Games, Serenity Forge
Published by: Good Shepard Entertainment
Available on: Windows PC (Steam), macOS

Nuanced narrative, one of the last frontiers in video games, is the welcome backdrop for “Where The Water Tastes Like Wine,” a new offering about the Great Depression from a small group of independent game makers. As you trod, hitchhike, or hop train cars from town to town in a country besieged by one of the world’s worst economic downturns, you encounter the hopeful and the downtrodden, the haunted and the shellshocked. If you enjoy tomes about the wonders of living on the road and meeting people who populate the fringes of society you’ll feel, as you indulge, that you’ve briefly stepped into the legendary shoes of Studs Terkel, John Steinbeck and Maya Angelou all rolled into one.

This unexpected gem, with some blemishes, features a group of generally unknown actors doing voice work with the notable exception of Sting, who at first blush plays the kind of devilish menace that blues singer Robert Johnson is said to have encountered at the Mississippi crossroads.

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