September 26, 2017

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine perfectly captures today's identity struggle of what it means to be American.

by Mashable - Jess Joho

You may have noticed that America is currently experiencing an identity crisis.

From the neo-Nazi attacks of Charlottesville to the anti-fascist protesters of Antifa — and a leader who believes there are "very fine people on both sides" — the battle for the American soul grows more volatile by the day.

Yet, unlike the last time the country went to war with itself, this American struggle doesn't center around just one specific moral or political issue. Instead, the modern civil war we find ourselves in is fueled by one ageless question: What does it mean to be American? And who gets to decide?

Upcoming indie game Where the Water Tastes Like Wine tackles this existential crisis by allowing players to wander through a map of the United States as a literal bag of bones during the Great Depression. By collecting tales from people in every corner of the American expanse, a larger narrative starts to take shape around those very questions that couldn't be more relevant to us today.

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