— April 18, 2018

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine rated one of The Best Games Of 2018 You Should Be Playing

Where The Water Taste Like WIne review

Straight off the bat, it’s important to mention that Where The Water Tastes Like Wine isn’t going to be for everyone. You may actually hate it; it’s the definition of a niche indie. It’s going for a very specific kind of audience, one that doesn’t mind sitting back and enjoying a leisurely-paced game, maybe with a glass of whiskey in hand.

For our money, though, WTWTLW is a narratively fascinating rambling simulator with some of the best writing in any game, which is lucky because it’s the driving force of the game. Travelling across America and collecting stories is a largely hands-off experience, so kick back, appreciate its fantastic soundtrack, and just simply let your mind wander.

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