— October 30, 2017

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine: Story time with Johnnemann Nordhagen

by Mitchell Sturhann

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine title

Several weeks ago, I went to IndieCade with the other writers in Top Shelf Gaming. The convention was amazing and there were several games that caught my eye, but none truly intrigued me as much as Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. In the game, you play as a vagrant making your way across the Great Depression-era United States with little more than a penny to your name. Along the way, you get to share and experience stories of daily life that have the potential to expand into larger-than-life legends with each retelling. The game itself is gorgeously designed, the stories are engaging, and the ultimate goal of telling and retelling stories is captivating and truly immerses you into the bleak lifestyle of the time period. Later, I had the opportunity to interview designer and programmer Johnnemann Nordhagen about the process of creating the game and the influences and meaning behind its numerous stories.

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