September 14, 2017

XCOM Meets Cloak and Dagger in Phantom Doctrine

by Travis Williams

Full article here.

Before PAX West I had no idea the game even existed, and now it’s one of only a few games that I need in my life. If you are familiar with the way that combat plays out in the XCOM games, then you are already familiar with the way most things work in the turn based tactics phase of Phantom Doctrine, although the game has some exciting mechanics that fit the theme perfectly. Rather than simply going into a mission blind, and creeping your way forward slowly hoping you spot the enemies before they spot you, Phantom Doctrine gives you the option of sending in agents ahead of time to act as undercover moles, spotters, snipers etc. If you know that you’ll be undertaking a  mission in a particular city, you can plan ahead, and give yourself a number of advantages ahead of time. Phantom Doctrine also gives you some new options during combat, like the ability to breach and clear a room with multiple agents simultaneously, and the ability to fine tune your agents’ targets and lines of sight when they enter overwatch.

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